Love Bugs: What

By: Bill Ballard on February 14th, 2018

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 Love Bugs: What's to love?

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Love is in the air, but there is not much to love about love bugs. Often called kissing bugs, they do not sting or bite, but can be quite a nuisance. These tiny red and black flies congregate in open sunny areas and splatter on vehicle windshields and grills. They are a pain to clean and can even permanently damage the vehicle’s finish.

Love bugs have two “flights” per year – the spring flight happens during late April and May, and the second flight takes place during late August into September. Flights last about four or five weeks, even though individual adults live only two to three days. Female love bugs can lay up to 350 eggs.

There have been a number of insecticides evaluated for the effective control of love bug populations. Most were deemed effective but impractical because infestations happen over such a widespread area, and adult love bugs are so mobile that retreatment would be required every few hours. However, most household insecticides available will control confined areas such as a porch or entryway.

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