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Due to inclement weather in the Augusta area, Cingo visits scheduled for Tuesday, March 6 are being rescheduled.

Pest Control for Homeowners

Be Certain with Cingo

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Protect and surround your home with Cingo

Cingo covers all pests. All of them, really.

Cingo means to surround and protect, and our goal is to make living in your home safer and easier. If it's a pest and it's in your home, you shouldn't have to worry about it. Cingo plans are designed to protect you from all pests, and treatments are focused on the outside of your home. We provide you with a professional face you'll know, someone who will be familiar with treating your home.

Cingo includes Protection Promise

Cingo covers any and all pests. No one wants to hear, “Sorry, that's not included in your plan.” With Cingo, it's all included. Spiders, roaches, termites, you name it. If it's a pest and it's in your home, your Cingo Pro will take care of it. No additional fees. Even the termite repairs are included. You are skeptical, we get it. There are a lot of jokers out there. Cingo covers every single pest, really.

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Cingo sends a Familiar Face

We send a Familiar Face so you're never surprised by a pest pro you don’t know. And that familiarity means your pest pro learns the ins and outs of your home— where the dog sleeps, where the kids leave toys, where the problem areas are and the best way to treat them. Your Cingo Pro has extensive training to prevent every single pest, and should you have an unexpected intruder (think squirrels, fleas or bedbugs) the same familiar face will handle that too. You'll even receive a notification that includes a photo before every visit.

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Cingo offers Safe Surround

Cingo protects your family, pets and home from pests with methods and treatments focused on the outside of the house. With Safe Surround, Cingo creates a barrier to prevent pests from gaining entry to your home— not have them die inside. Cingo's visit frequency is based on 40 years of experience and industry best practices to ensure your home remains free of every single pest. Most of these visits can be performed without needing access to the interior of your home.

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Jennifer R.

“They tell you who is coming out, and they send the same guy so he kind of gets to know the house.”

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