Keep pests out of your picnic with 10 expert pest control tips

By: Greg Vines on June 19th, 2017

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Keep pests out of your picnic with 10 expert pest control tips

Pest Control Tips

Ants in your applesauce and bees on your burgers can take the fun out of outdoor dining. Who invited those guys? 

The pest experts at Cingo have assembled their top 10 tips to help you take back your yard from pests. After all, it does belong to you! 

You can download the outdoor dining guide, too. It's an infographic and you can share it with your neighbors. If they invite you over to dinner, you'll be glad you did.

Pest control experts recommend:

  1. Change bird bath water weekly to prevent mosquitoes.
  2. Drill holes in lawn items where puddling can occur. They're like mosquito hatcheries.
  3. Empty left over pet food to prevent mice, ants and roaches.
  4. Don't store anything under the deck. Roaches love it under there.
  5. Keep weeds, thick grasses, and shrubs groomed to prevent mice, snakes and a variety of insects from moving in.
  6. Clean gutters and roof valley to deter roaches, ants and mosquitoes.
  7. Eliminate wood piles to avoid attracting mice, snakes and all kinds of bad bugs.
  8. Clean up excess bird seed to prevent mice.
  9. Keep exterior lights off at night to prevent flying insects and spiders from gathering near your house.
  10. Thoroughly inspect under playground equipment, grills, decks, eves, porches and patios for wasp. They sting, and it hurts.

Did you find these pest tips helpful?

Be sure to download the Outdoor Dining Guide Infographic and share it with a friend. Of course, if you have problems with mosquitoes, fire ants, bees, wasps or any other annoying stinging bug or biting pest, check out  Cingo Plus for pest control that extends to mosquitoes and fire ants in your yard.