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Why is Cingo

By: Maile Floyd on August 30th, 2019

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Why is Cingo's visit frequency different than other companies?

Pest Control Tips

No one wants to see pests show up in their home. That’s the reason we purchase pest prevention treatments on a regularly scheduled basis. However, many customers find themselves frustrated when they see pests pop up in between their pest technician’s visits.

Most pest control companies operate on an old industry model of quarterly preventative service. This is despite pest control industry research showing that the most effective way to prevent pests from showing up in your home is with treatments occurring about every two months. So why only offer quarterly visits if they don't keep pests away the full length of time between visits?

Cingo's pest prevention plans, Cingo and Cingo+, were designed with research and industry best practices in mind. With Cingo plans, a pest professional will visit your home at a minimum of every 60 days. Cingo+ plans increase that frequency to monthly during mosquito season to protect you and your family from mosquitoes in your yard.

With visits at a minimum of every 60 days and treatments focused on the outside of your home, you can be certain to avoid unwanted visitors (at least the pest variety) inside the house.

Cingo offers plans that protect you from all pests with visits at a minimum of every 60 days, at one low rate that's similar to what it would cost for quarterly pest control. From termites to ticks, ants to elephants, you can be certain you're covered from all pests, all the time. 

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