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Tips and guides to safeguard your family and home from bugs, rodents and critters that bite, sting or just gross you out.

Mandy Garnto

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You know pantry pests are gross, but what are the health risks?

It’s Saturday morning. The kids are up— much earlier than you would like. You get the coffee started and stumble over to the pantry to grab a box of cereal. As you open the door and light hits your shelves, out flies a pantry moth. How did he get in there?

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Curious Critters

World's most beloved mouse turns 89

Hot Dog, Mickey Mouse, it’s your birthday! Since Mickey’s debut in Steamboat Willie in 1928, he has fascinated children and adults alike, bringing out the inner child in us all. While Mickey will always be near and dear to our hearts, most of us would agree that he is the only mouse we want visiting our home.

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Keep your kids safe this season.

Get the mom's guide to identify and treat backyard bites.

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DEET gets it done

Today is insect repellent awareness day. It seems like everything has a day now! And while many of the "celebrations" feel like an excuse (Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, comes to mind) or a bit of a stretch (National Bat Appreciation Day), this one makes sense to us. We know a thing or two about bug bites, insect stings and repellents.

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